Madonna Takes to Harlem for a Cellar Execution, Marches Through Roads With Jon Batiste (Watch)


On Friday night in New York City, Madonna, joined by Jon Batiste, his band and a little gathering of fans, gave a personal men's club execution in the cellar of Marcus Samuelsson's café Red Chicken, prior to pouring out into the Harlem roads for a 2 a.m. march set to "Like a Supplication." 

The 12 PM nightclub turned New Orleans-style road party rang in Friday's arrival of "Madame X," a narrative show film of Madonna's 2019 visit, delivered by Principal In addition to. (See video selections from the presentation and march, underneath.) 

Clearly, Madame X has been conceived," Madonna said to the cellar swarm, wearing a dark semi-formal dress, ribbon gloves and long blonde hairpiece. "She was consistently here. She's constantly been close by, empowering you, pushing you, motivating you, I trust." 

Making that big appearance in the faintly lit dinner club soon after 1:40 a.m., Madonna, who laid on top of Batiste's piano similar to Marilyn Monroe and ascended the cellars' segments to crush and down the divider, sang relax interpretations of "Dull Artful dance," "La Isla Bonita" and the Portuguese "Saudade." 

Do you feel like something is absent from your life?" she asked the group, delicately into the amplifier while Batiste played underneath her. "Anyway, what's our work? What's our fate? To go out and discover it," she said. "I was conversing with Jon in transit here, and we said to one another: Here's the unavoidable issue: How terrible do you need it?" 

The evening was outlandishly personal, gone to by a group that appeared to be around 100-200 companions, family and fans, who sank into the club's extravagant meals anticipating her appearance. 

Madonna performs with Jon Batiste and his band, men's club style, in a Harlem café cellar Ben Rosser/BFA 

During the presentation, subsequent to tumbling to her knees in a pondering transformation of "Like a Petition," Madonna got a close by amplifier, motioned to the artists to get their instruments, and advised the group to rampage. Obliging indiscriminately, the partygoers moved up the storm cellar steps — moved by the cadence of Batiste's band and the sheer rush of eccentricism — and recorded onto 126th road. 

Tambourine close by, Madonna drove Batiste and an unassuming gathering of the party's participants through the early-morning roads of Harlem, combining as the gathering sang an anthemic "Like a Supplication" into the night sky. 

Voyaging a couple of squares down the road, the gathering finished external a close by chapel, where Madonna, outlined by the ministerial entryways behind her, offered a conjuring. "The Master is with us all," she said. "At times you simply need to say a petition." 

At Red Chicken, where most partygoers returned after Madonna's streetside message finished, the room furrowed far into the morning, voguing down the dance floor as the open vodka bar kept on streaming. Close by, joined by strange symbols like Aquaria, the Sovereign of Pop sank into similar extravagant meals and watched from a far distance as the room moved, high and diverted. 

Watch additional recordings from the presentation underneath:


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