Dwayne 'The Stone' Johnson on His Memorable Rap Presentation (Restrictive)


Dwayne "The Stone" Johnson is highlighted on Tech N9ne's new single "Go head to head," close by Joey Cool and Lord Iso. 

Dwayne "The Stone" Johnson has vanquished the movies, the wrestling ring, television evaluations and tequila deals — presently, would he say he is going to overwhelm the outlines? 

In a set of experiences making vocation move, Johnson is making his rap debut, highlighted on Tech N9ne's new single, "Go head to head." 

Addressing Assortment in a restrictive meeting, Johnson says, "I love music. Whenever in my motion pictures when I can execute some melodic components, I generally love doing that." 

Go head to head," the new single on Tech N9ne's new collection, "ASIN9NE" from Weird Music, likewise includes Joey Cool and Lord Iso. The track denotes a coordinated effort between the best free rapper in hip jump and the greatest Top notch entertainer in Hollywood. 

Johnson has been sought by his well known companions in the hip bounce local area for quite a long time, however when Tech N9ne DM'd him on Instagram, he realized this was at last the right fit. 

The greatest star on the planet said something back to me! You realize what I'm sayin? I'm advertised. We are totally advertised!" Tech N9ne raves on a new call with Assortment from his visit transport. 

Tech N9ne and Johnson really met a couple of years prior. An enormous enthusiast of the autonomous rapper, Johnson, who is the most followed American on earth, on has been sharing Tech N9ne's music on his web-based media for quite a long time. After a web-based media kinship, the two met face to face on the arrangement of HBO's "Hotshot," way before the pandemic. 

A great deal of my companions who are hip jump specialists — like large names — I've been asked a couple of times. Yet, it simply needs to feel right," Johnson says, noticing that he showed up on his companion Wyclef Jean's 2000 tune, "It Doesn't Make any difference," yelling his nominal expression, yet not rapping. 

"At the point when Tech messaged me, I realized I would make this work. We're adjusted, simply as far as our hard working attitude and want. At the point when Tech and I initially met years prior on the arrangement of 'Hotshot,' we were discussing this thought regarding being the hardest laborer in the room. He said something that I truly appreciated: essentially, 'There would never be sufficient food in this room or on this set that could make me full since I generally need to be eager.' I simply love that." 

That feeling of hard working attitude is the message of "Go head to head." Dwayne's section — which he thought of himself — incorporates the verses, "It's with regards to drive. It's with regards to control. We stay hungry." 

Tech N9ne realized he needed a warrior to be highlighted on the track since he imagined the melody as a promotion up hymn that can be played in arenas or at the exercise center. "This is an energy tune. This will get individuals siphoned up to lift loads, siphoned up for battles, siphoned up for the game. Period," he says. "Furthermore, what better individual? Not Conor McGregor. I don't have any acquaintance with him. I know The Stone." 

At the point when Tech N9ne previously contacted Johnson, the thought wasn't for him to really rap. Tech N9ne's underlying ask was simply to have Johnson discuss verbally expressed words to finish off the melody. Be that as it may, Johnson had a greater vision. 

"I said, 'I simply need you to talk some genuine inspirational stuff at end,'" Tech N9ne shares. "We got on the telephone and organized it. He's so gifted, man. To have the option to get on a tune with ace MCs and be an expert MC himself? Dwayne did his thing. He said he needed to go quick like us. After what he did on 'Moana,' I could see he had the mood." 

The rapper is alluding to the hit Disney film, which indeed, exhibited Johnson's melodic abilities. The top-selling soundtrack has advanced into a great many families' homes, however "Go head to head" brings Johnson into another classification. 

After Johnson composed his refrain and organized it with Tech N9ne, he went into the studio with his better half, Lauren Hashian, and recorded during the pandemic. 

One take," Johnson says. "I was drinking Teremana, so I had as of now been somewhat lit and was all set. We sent it to Tech and his designers and the message I returned from Tech, in every single capital letter, was 'Fuck yes!!!!'" 

The rapper jokes that he's not exactly sure how Johnson, at 6'5 and more than 250 pounds, even fit in the recording corner. "He's considerably more huge than when I initially met him on 'Hotshot' since he's in his 'Dark Adam' construct. Have you seen him? Look how large he is in our video. Look how cut he is! He wasn't that cut two years prior." 

Since Johnson has made his rap debut, is a music vocation in his future? 

"I never had the desire to be a hip jump craftsman or a rapper, so the explicit reply answer is no," Johnson tells Assortment. "Yet, I saw a chance here to make a tune that truly enlivened and spurred me to push for more and battle for additional. I've generally cherished music. I love hip bounce and blues and bandit down home music." 

Yet, never say never. On the off chance that Johnson has demonstrated anything throughout the years through his differed profession, it's that in the event that he dedicates himself to something, it generally transforms into gold. 

"In the event that the melody is correct and if the coordinated effort feels genuine and legitimate, I would adore that," Johnson says. "I couldn't want anything more than to do a rehash with Tech N9ne and Odd Music. On the off chance that I had the chance to work together with one more craftsman out there — hip bounce specialists, blues specialists, prohibit blue grass craftsmen — then, at that point, how about we talk and we should sort it out. On the off chance that I could rap about the right words that vibe genuine and bona fide to me, then, at that point, I'll be glad to break out that Teremana, take a couple of large drinks and bounce once more into the studio." 

Johnson adds, "The things that stand out enough to be noticed nowadays and get me up must be the things that I totally love and am totally energetic about. Nowadays, the cash isn't the main thing. The notoriety, no. That is not the significant thing. Truly, it simply comes down to enthusiasm, having some good times — and are individuals going to appreciate it? That is it. That is the primary concern." 

On the off chance that Johnson at any point chooses to take on the rap world, Tech N9ne says he may assume some praise for offering him his large reprieve. 

"He has greater activities. I'm simply excessively honored to the point that he would need to do this with me," Tech N9ne says, prior to adding, "However I believe he will be the president, so I don't have a clue."


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