Who plays Zasha Gagarin on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast? High School Musical star Olesya Rulin guest stars again

 Who plays Zasha Gagarin on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast? Secondary School Melodic star Olesya Rulin visitor stars once more 

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast has had a ton of renowned faces spring up throughout the long term. 

That rundown of NCIS: LA visitor stars incorporates Shane McMahon from WWF as Armed force CID Specialist Steve Evans, entertainer Parminder Nagra as Ella, Claire Forlani as Lauren Tracker, and Catherine Chime as Sarah "Macintosh" MacKenzie 

What's more, those visitor stars don't count Gerald McRaney currently playing Resigned Naval force Chief naval officer Hollace Kilbride or Bar Paly as Anastasia "Anna" Kolcheck. 

On the Season 13 debut of NCIS: LA, we will see a recognizable visitor star who was included last season. Entertainer Olesya Rulin will be back as Zasha Gagarin – who we saw when Anna and the NCIS: LA group had been attempting to pursue down the Respectable Ladies. 

We likewise saw Zasha when the group paid her for data about individuals on the Russian plane that had arrived in the US during a prior scene. And afterward we saw her toxin Kapitan Alexi Goncharov (the pilot) during the scene called Russia, Russia, Russia (photograph above). 

Who plays Zasha Gagarin on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast? 

Olesya Rulin is still most popular as Kelsi Nielsen from the set of three of Secondary School Melodic movies that were made by The Disney Station. The primary HSM film appeared in 2006 and the most renowned names from that HSM cast incorporate Zac Efron as Troy Bolton, Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez, and Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans. 

Yet, the gathering of youthful entertainers and entertainers from Secondary School Melodic had a great deal of different characters, with one being piano player Kelsi Nielsen, who consistently appeared to have useful tidbits for the gathering and frequently seemed like the paste that held them all together. 

The following is a scene from Secondary School Melodic highlighting Rulin at the piano, with Efron and Hudgens sharing the screen. 

Additional acting credits for entertainer Olesya Rulin 

With her re-visitation of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for the scene called Subject 17, this will be the fourth time that watchers have seen Olesya Rulin play Zasha Gagarin. 

Concerning Rulin's other acting credits, they remember playing Calista Secor for Forces and Abby in Greek. She has additionally showed up in a scene of The Mentalist, NCIS (Kim Troutman in Page Not Discovered), The Night Shift, and SEAL Group (Jenna Robertson in Things Not Seen). 

More NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 cast news 

We will see Olesya Rulin returning for Season 13, Scene 1 of NCIS: LA, however that isn't the main thing that fanatics of the show will discuss. 

The characters Nell Jones and Eric Beale have left NCIS. They will not show up on the show any more and it will move the whole look and feel of the cast for Season 13 and then some. It will allow the scholars an opportunity to attempt some new things, yet NCIS: Los Angeles fans will without a doubt see the nonattendances. 

For the new scene called Subject 17, the NCIS: LA cast will likewise highlight the arrival of Linda Chase as Activities Administrator Henrietta "Hetty" Lange, Preston Edwards visitor featuring as a young man, and Elizabeth Bogush repeating her job of Joelle Taylor during another sensational evening.


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